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Champagne Centrepieces

Adam Mitchell

Whilst all of our Champagnes are hand-selected on their liquid merit alone, some are also noteworthy for their comely encasements.   As we head into Easter and Spring, and edge ever-closer to those coveted garden get-togethers and celebrations with friends and family, it’s the perfect time to pick up an eye-catching cuvée in preparation for those cork-popping moments that lie ahead.

This Valentine’s Day – Don’t settle for prosecco

Adam Mitchell

What does your typical Valentine’s evening entail? A couple of drinks in a nice bar followed by dinner in a swanky restaurant? Maybe even the theatre? Presumably roses make an appearance at some point. Now, how much does that set you back?  This year, the vast majority of us will be forced to save cash with a meal at home. Whether that’s likely to be a gastronomic triumph prepared by your own fair hand or the finest gourmet food delivered to your door, don’t spoil your meal by sitting it alongside a bottle of boring, mass-produced prosecco. Finish with a flourish by selecting a bottle of hand-crafted, sustainably sourced artisan Champagne… made with love, for the one you love.

A Sip Guide to Champagne Glasses

Peter Crawford

When we think about Champagne glasses it might be the classic flute that instantly springs to mind, but there are a range of options out there. Aside from the specific look and feel, their design will also transform the flavour of the Champagne and either increase or diminish your enjoyment of the wine in question. Here we take a peek at a clutch of the classics and what they have to offer…

This Christmas – Say it with Champagne

Adam Mitchell

Whether you’re looking for that extra-special, extravagant gift or you’re simply out of ideas, Sip has got you covered this Christmas. 2020 has been a poor vintage – laden with missed meetings and cancelled occasions – so why not make up for those unfulfilled days and evenings out with friends and family by sending them a gift to truly cherish.

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