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What is your reason for popping a cork? A birthday celebration? A friend's graduation? A promotion at work perhaps?

Here at Sip Champagnes we think differently. Champagne is a wine. It deserves to be explored, examined and, of course, enjoyed. This could be a celebration, but not exclusively, and we often find that the best time to do this is away from the crowds. Take some time. Be it on your own, or with friends. Explore some of our favourites below...

Demière Es'Sens Blanc Meunier champagne

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Our go-to non-vintage Champagne. Stunning year on year. Lovely sweet fruit with perfect balance and just the right amount of tension for a non vintage.

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100% Meunier, 4g/ltr. A supremely toasty experience with a palate full of white fruits and a pleasant, rich stewed fruit note. Big mouth feel and a persistent finish. The wine attacks in a beautiful way showing a fabulous freshness.

...And now take a proper glass – red or white wine glass preferably – and let the wine open. Let the aromas develop. Add some food if you like. But most of all, enjoy it, safe in the knowledge that you are trying some of the most exciting new Champagnes out there, made by some of the most visionary winemakers from the region.

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