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6 x Sip Gabriel StandArt Universal Champagne Glass


Superlative Champagne Glasses

To get the best from Champagne you need a proper glass and that isn’t a Champagne flute…

We’re proud to offer the exceptional, Gabriel StandArt Universal Champagne glasses to our collection.

Weighing 5 oz (145 grams), the Gabriel-Glas StandArt glass is elegant, yet amazingly durable and dishwasher safe. The broad bowl and conical shape of the StandArt glass make it perfect for gathering and enhancing the aromas of all Champagne styles, and will even work well with white wine and light reds.

Product details

Height: 230mm
Diameter: 95mm
Capacity: 230ml / 15 oz
Weight: 145g / 5 oz


Lead Free Crystal
Laser-etched with 'Sip' logo on the base
Dishwasher Safe (Hand wash recommended)

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