Domaine Vincey

Domaine Vincey Oger 2016

Retail Or In Bond:

A selection of old vine parcels in the Oger area, 100% oak vinified and aged on cork. The nose is brilliant – seductive, rich, exotic, salty. The first sip is so generous and yet precise – juicy, citrus with a lovely nutty play. I love the balance between the gushing sweet fruit and the tense bright palate this is as good as Oger can possibly get, surely!? After 48 hours it gives you so much more. The nose has an almost burgundian element to it. Pine nut, exotic fruits, lemon peel with an healthy pinch of salt. The palate is almost perfect. A smorgasbord of classic Chardonnay profile fruit alongside that perfectly chiseled chalky profile. The concentration and sweet lemon on the finish is just off the charts. This is gorgeous.

House Profile

The Vincey family have been winemakers for 8 generations but it wasn't until Quentin joined in 2009 that production took the form that it is today. They work with 7 hectares in Oger, Mesnil and Chouilly and, since Quentin's joining have removed any pesticides or herbicides. The modern production of wines see 12 months of oak vinification and only vintage wines made. They have been working with the biodynamic principles for over three years. An exquisite winemaker who creates a wonderful fullness of fruit and layered complexity in their wines. Truly one to investigate as their wines will soon become the stuff of legend...

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