Georges Remy

Georges Remy Les Muits 2017

Retail Or In Bond:

100% Chardonnay. A light golden hue. Tiny bubbles. The nose shows an angular blackcurrant edge and this monster of a wine sitting beneath! It all seems a bit much on the front end. The first sip is glorious though. Such sweet fruit, all brambles, sweet strawberries and this gushing, concentration. Really good depth and primary sweetness. The finish is concentrated, saline and dry. Thankfully I left it open for 24 hours...oh my word. All the angularity of the front end has gone and you are blessed with this insane concentration and depth. Stewed apricots, bramble and redcurrants. The nose is nothing though on what the palate becomes. Rich beyond belief with this concentrated blackcurrant and lime peel note. Sea salt. God this is good.

House Profile

We visited Georges before he had even released a Champagne! Having seen a bottle of Bouzy Rouge, (red wine from the village of Bouzy), we found our way to his house and were introduced to a fabulous selection of cuvées. He works mainly with Pinot Noir in Bouzy, Tauxieres and creates a stunning rosé!


100% Chardonnay


Brut Nature


September 2021


Bouzy, Tauxieres

Total Production

700 bottles

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