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Rosé is one of the most difficult expressions in the world of Champagne. For years it has been dominated by just a few names with very specific styles. Slowly but surely though the grower world has cottoned on to how good they can be and their Champagnes are now as diverse, challenging and engaging as you might imagine!

At Sip, we pride ourselves on, not only sifting through the silt to find the gold, but also giving you the opportunity to truly examine all the facets that make a great rosé. From fresh, light fruity wines, to rich, vinous treats we have something for everyone in this collection.

Coming in at just £52.50 per bottle, our Rosé Tasting Case includes six exceptional bottles and provides a comprehensive and cost-effective introduction into the world of Artisan Rosé Champagne. 

A. Levasseur Extrait Gourmand Rose Brut

A juicy wonder to kick things off! Loads of sweet, stewed strawberries; fragrant, energetic and creamy, it flirts with a little touch of blackcurrant and loads of lift on the finish.

Georges Remy Les Vaudayants Rose

This wine rocks! Blood orange, rich and moreish fruit with an unbelievable palate full of complex layers and a beautiful minerality. This is what the new wave of rosé production is all about. Tiny production of just 690 bottles. Unbelievable delivery! 

Bertrand Delespierre Saignee de Terres Amoureseus 2012
This wine blew us away the first time we tried it. Macerated for 24 hours and vinified in large oak barrels, it is a Champagne that you can't mistake. Deep red, juicy up front and then a palate full of loganberry, apple and an amazing balance and salinity. We adore all the wines from this Maison, but this could be their best. 
Dehours La Croix Joly Oeil de Perdrix 2012
Looking for something different? This is it! The colour is awesome. The nose is striking... quite literally – it's like striking a match! The palate is creamy, elegant and generous, with loads of lavender, rose hip and sweet butter. This wine demands a large glass and an open soul. 
Remi Leroy Saignee les Crots 2015
We're massive fans of Remi's wines and this incredible rosé sums up just how good a winemaker he is. The nose is powerfully vinous – Burgundian almost! The first sip is delicate – supremely delicate, but then a wave of balanced fruit, complex textures and a perfectly delivered little bundle of fruit all arrive on a bed of salt.  This is the kind of wine that demands a second and third look, preferably over a number of days!
Louis Brochet Rosé Heritage

Bruised cherry hue. Really bright and fruity nose with a hint of rich tea biscuit. The first sip shows a real luscious lift and this lovely vinous aspect to it. This is remarkably generous wine with just the right amount of edge to it. Cherries, wild strawberries. Great length with this lovely fruity texture right on the end.

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