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One of our most southerly producers, Daniel made the long trip down to meet them and came back raving about, not only their Champagne, but their generosity of spirit and hospitality too. So, if you fancy a bottle that's both delicious and also supports a wonderful young family, then look no further...

About the Maison...

The village of Essoyes in the Côte des Bar is perhaps best-known as the spot where Auguste Renoir spent many a summer painting the bucolic scenes around the Ource and, indeed, you can still visit his studio there today. It's also where the Guenin family have lived and prospered since the 1600s... no doubt exchanging pleasantries with the legendary Impressionist somewhere along the way.

11 generations later and Sébastien Guenin is at the helm, with a focus on cuvées rather than canvases. He works with almost entirely Pinot Noir (92%) across a range of hillside plots which benefit from wonderful exposure and Kimmeridgian-clay soil to create bold and beautiful wines, typical of this region.

Guenin Pinot Noir Grapes

The Champagne...

Low production, high attention to quality and oak vinification are the hallmarks of Sébastien's winemaking and we have selected the two cuvées from his collection that showcase the best of his abilities...

Effloraison a fresh, fruity and yet complex blend. Envers de Val Dessaux – a really serious single-vineyard Champagne.

Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!


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