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What is Champagne disgorgement?

Peter Crawford

Champagne Disgorgement, in simple terms, is the removal of dead yeast cells from a bottle before a new cork is added and is one of the key processes in the production of Champagne. Why is this important? Well, read on....

The Champagne Region

Peter Crawford

The Champagne region is a large area sitting 150km North West of Paris, France.  It has been a defined geographical area since 1927 and spans from as far north as Cormicy (20km North of Reims) all the way down to Les Riceys (50km Souch of Troyes).  All in, there are over 34,300 hectares of vines spread over 5 departments and 319 villages.

Growers champagne

Peter Crawford

Growers Champagnes are sparkling wines made by producers in the Champagne region who ma...

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