About us

Our Ethos

We believe that the greatest Champagnes are those that come direct from the growers themselves - the very farmers who work the land, care for the soil and the vines. Sip Champagnes embodies this passion, working only with those growers who are committed to the very best practices for the land, the soil and the vines and only stocking the very best bottles from those select few producers.

We expertly curate every Champagne each season to create a limited and exclusive collection that
you wont find anywhere else in the UK.

Champagnes grown and bottled by the farmer and delivered to you.

About Us

Sip Champagnes was founded by two friends over their passion for Champagne.

Peter and Daniel realised, (after Peter helped source and supply artisan Champagne for Daniel's wedding), that consumers had little-to-no access to the region's more than 16,000 growers, nearly
2,500 of whom make their own Champagne, and that these farmers deserved recognition for their
dedication to the soil and vines. Despite owning over 85% of the land, their annual Champagne sales can be represented in single digits, whilst the biggest 5 brands dominate the market.

The smaller producers barely get a look in. That is, until now.

Artisan Champagnes: A Journey of Discovery

Embark on a journey of surprise and delight through our curated Champagne Subscription Service.

Expertly hand-picked, each month we offer you unique access to Champagnes you won't find anywhere else, and guide you through the Champagne region to unearth truly exceptional Champagnes.

Expert champagne selection, tasting notes and more, delivered direct to your door each month.

Our Champagne Subscription Service is the perfect treat and most memorable of gifts.