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About the farms and vines

The producers we work with are predominantly what are called Recoltant Manipulant. This roughly translates to a wine maker who makes Champagne using their own grapes and vinification equipment. They will commonly own upwards of 1 hectare of land, producing anything from 15,000 bottles to over 100,000 bottles, depending on the number of hectares owned.

We like to work with winemakers whose focus is on not just vinification (the stuff that goes on after the grapes have been picked) but the all important respect of the soil and vines. The Champagne region has been at the leading edge of Organic and Biodynamic production over the last 25 years and continues to push the boundaries with respect to the understanding and care of the plants and soil. 
We visit the region several times a year seeking out the finest producers from all over Champagne.

We also try to find winemakers who are not already represented in the UK. Bringing over wines that are a perfect representation of their production and importantly the soil that they are working with.

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