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Despite Pinot Meunier accounting for a third of all planting in the Champagne region, it is the most overlooked and under appreciated of the big-three grape varieties. Part of Meunier's image problem lies in the fact that it is little planted beyond Champagne and, as such, little known by the wider wine drinking world. 

There are, however, a new wave of growers championing this superb varietal and their results are nothing short of sensational. 

If you're yet to try pure, 100% Meunier Champagne, there is no better place to start than with this great value 3 pack from three of the region's Meunier maestros.

Dehours Terre de Meunier

Run by Jerome Dehours, this brilliant Maison is HVE3 certified (the highest level attainable) and work with 42 plots in Mareuil le Port, Oeuilly and Troissy. This Brut Nature Meunier is a fabulously rich and tense affair. The palate is gripping, marrying a fruitiness alongside a delicate play of oxidation. Really precise, crisp and delicious.

Caillez Lemaire Pur Meunier 2015
Based in Damery, the team here work with 57 plots in 7 villages to create a superb range of wines that age wonderfully. This pure Meunier comes from a successful vintage for black grape varieties. Originally made with a small amount of sugar it now comes Brut Nature, which allows the fabulously rich fruit to sing. Expect loads of blackcurrant, saltiness and intense acidic weight.
Demière Vintage 2009
Legends of Meunier, Jerome and Audrey are based in Fleury la Rivière and this wine, from a big, hot vintage is a  supremely toasty experience. The palate is bursting with white fruits and a pleasant, rich stewed fruit note. There is a big mouth feel and a persistent finish and the wine attacks in beautiful way showing fabulous freshness.

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