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Alexis La Terre Mere 
Another pure Meunier to add to our collection of exceptional Marne Valley Meuniers, although this time from the village of Troissy. Pert fruity nose full of dried redcurrants, followed by a creamy palate with a good chalky bite which brings ample sweet fruit to the fore. The mid to late is brilliant, with straw, bramble and apple and, as it opens, it delivers loads of pastry and jam, whilst the texture ramps up with a lovely sweetness marrying with bitterness. Delicious, tense and long.

£45 | Pre-order now | max. 12

Famille Delouvin Fauve
75% Chardonnay, 25% Meunier, 0 g/ltr and no maloactic fermentation. From a vineyard on the chalk outcrop of Vandières in the Vallée de la Marne. The nose is beautiful, with loads of butter, toast and a warm charm. Rich and engaging palate with brilliant texture and depth of fruit. There is a lovely airy freshness to it too. So well done and so drinkable.

£55 | Pre-order now | max. 12

Famille Delouvin Semper Fidelis
Another cuvée from the fabulous young winemaker, Geoffroy Delouvin-Nowack – this time a pure Meunier created from 50% 2013 and 50% solera, with 5g/ltr. Candied apples on the nose with a delightful freshness and light salinity. The mousse is delicate and you are hit with this wave of stewed apple and chewy toffee. The piercing nature of ‘13 comes along just on the finish creating this wonderful brightness right at the end.

£55 | Pre-order now | max. 6

Heucq Histoires 
Heucq hail from the tiny village of Cuisles, numbering just 150 inhabitants, but boasting a unique microclimate, with green clay soil and low rainfall. This wine is so good! The nose is truly decadent with an insane level of toffee, honey and rum. The depth is just bonkers; so indulgent with lovely vinosity, touches of salinity and phenomenal salty, maple syrup depth.

£85 | Pre-order now | max. 6

Lilbert-Fils Brut Magnum 
The wines of the legendary producer are some of the longest lived in the region. In their youth they are stern, hard and chalky with an abundance of floral notes but, as they age, they acquire a wonderful richness. They are one of the best kept secrets of the region. And do you want to know the second best kept secret? His non-vintage magnums are actually vintage magnums! He bottles the vintage in magnum and then disgorges them slightly earlier. This, a pure 2016 Cramant wine is a delight. The nose; floral, crisp and tight. The first sip and energy bomb full of taught chalky weight. As it goes down the floral elements lift revealing a tight, central palate full of lemon, white pepper and just a dusting of toast and salt. This wine is delicious now but will age so beautifully and outlive us all!

£100 | Pre-order now | max. 12

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