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The beauty of the blend has been synonymous with Champagne production since the 17th Century. Refined and championed by Dom Perignon, winemakers in Champagne came to realise that a blend allowed them to capture the freshness of Chardonnay, the richness of Pinot Noir and the playful fruitiness of Meunier, to create well-rounded and balanced wines.

Whilst grower Champagne typically differs from the Grand Marques due to the prevalence of single varietal and even single vineyard wines, blended cuvées are still produced by the majority our producers.

In this case, we have captured a range of our favourites that showcase just how diverse blended Champagne can be! 

Perseval Farge C de Pinots

Opening with a bang, it's this incredible blend of the two dark grapes, 48% oak vinified from the Petite Montage de Reims. The nose is rich and structured and the first sip leads you in perfectly – so warm and showing this lovely mature raspberry note with loads of toast and epic salinity. 

Remi Leroy Extra Brut

Another rich blend to follow from the village of Meurville in the Aube. Remi creates his Extra Brut from a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay (heavier on the former) to create a lovely vinous affair – juicy, rich and bold, it's great on it's own but will stand up to food.

Gaspard Brochet 333.b

It's hard to believe this is only his second non-vintage cuvée! An incredible winemaker that is making waves for his distinctive style. 333.b is a blend of the three main grapes from the villages of Ecueil, Sacy and Villiers aux Noeuds, from 2016, 2017 & 2018 vintages. As with all Gaspard's wines there is so much going on, with oodles of rich dark fruit and a textured and complex layered palate. 

Georges Remy Les Quatre Terroirs

Another new and exciting winemaker who has just achieved organic certification. This, his entry level non-vintage cuvée, is an stupendously good introduction to his range. A blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay – heavier on the former – from the four exceptional villages of Bouzy, Ambonnay, Tauxières and Louvois, this wine is big, vinous and bold. It's a serious wine demanding of food and contemplation.

Louis Brochet Rosé Heritage

We couldn’t have a selection of blends without a beautiful rosé and this is a wonderful example. Combining all three grapes with 5% red wine from the legendary plot of 'Mont Benoit' this is a really elegant example. there is plenty of juicy fruit but perfectly balanced, with great length and texture to the palate. 

Paul Clouet Selection

Finishing the set is a classic and fruity blend of 50/30/20, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier, with 7g/ltr, based on the 2015 vintage. Coming from the legendary village of Bouzy this is a great comparison to Bollinger (similar blend, dosage and region). The wine displays a lovely round, fruity profile with a little chalk and a crisp, dry finish. The perfect aperitif!

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