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Saignée Rosé Trio


Saignée Rosé is a growing trend in the production of Champagne Rosé. Rather than simply adding red wine into the blend to bring colour and depth, to create a Rosé de Saignée a winemaker must leave the pressed juice in contact with the skins of one of the dark grape varieties.

A vigneron can macerate the wine in this fashion for anything from a few hours right through to a whole week, depending on the style of Champagne they want to achieve. No matter what the outcome though, one thing that is for certain is the richness, body and vinosity this technique brings. 

Coming in at around £60 per bottle (£24 cheaper than buying each bottle individually), this trio not offers not only great savings but also a fantastic introduction to a bold and beautiful style of Champagne.

Dehours La Croix Joly Oeil de Perdrix

A rosé made from Meunier is an uncommon but beautiful beast. The colour is a lovely blood orange which delivers a nose of rich and moreish fruit with an unbelievable palate full of complex layers and a beautiful minerality. This is what the new wave of rosé production is all about!

Caze Thibaut Jossias Rosé

This wine blew us away the first time we tried it; pure Pinot Noir from the Marne Valley, macerated for 24 hours and vinified in large oak barrels, it is a Champagne that you can't mistake. Deep red, juicy up front and then a palate full of loganberry, apple and an amazing balance and salinity. We adore all the wines from this Maison, but this could be their best? 

Remi Leroy Saignee les Crots

We're massive fans of Remi's wines and this incredible rosé sums up just how good a winemaker he is. Coming from the very south of the region this pure Pinot is big in all respects. The nose is powerfully vinous – Burgundian almost! The first sip is supremely delicate, but then a wave of balanced fruit, complex textures and a perfectly delivered little bundle of fruit all arrive on a bed of salt. This is the kind of wine that demands a second and third look, over a number of days and ideally with some food.

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