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The beauty of the blend has been synonymous with Champagne for centuries, so it wasn’t until the 20th century that the idea of focusing on the purity of one specific vineyard, let alone labelling it as such, took shape. Wines from Philipponnat, Clos des Goisses and Cattier, Clos du Moulin started the ball rolling in the 1950s and ‘60s, but it was with Champagne Krug and the magical Clos du Mesnil that the concept really took off. At the time, many Krug lovers (including some of the family) laughed at the idea, but a decade later the first vintage was released and the rest is history.  

Since then single vineyard Champagne has become synonymous with high quality, low yield, terroir focussed winemaking and many Maisons have followed suit. The innovative growers we work with at Sip offer some of the most exciting and unique single vineyard wines available – they tell a story, represent authenticity and bring you closer to the heart of Champagne. Here are six of our favourites...

Penet Chardonnet Les Epinettes 2009

With over 400 years of family history in winemaking, Alexandre now works with 6 hectares across several fabulous plots to create rich, penetrating wines. This pure Pinot Noir is made from the single vineyard in Verzy of its name with 4.4g/ltr. The front end is rich and intense leading to a palate that brilliantly expresses the chalky nature of this village, whilst the finish is rich, round and long.

Famille Delouvin La Bléme
A lovely rich and complex Chardonnay from the Marne Valley. You feel the 17 vintage but you sense so much beneath it but the sweetness of fruit works nicely to bolster it; tense, toasty, lovely delivery on the tip of your tongue and then layers nicely with really good length with a delicate delivery of salt and starfruit.
Julien Prelat Presle

This exciting new wine comes from the much lauded vineyard of Presle in the village of Celles sur Ource (made famous by Cedric Bouchard). The nose is precise, vinous and serious, with notes of orange peel and delicious creamy texture. There is a nice delicate layer of salinity which captures you on the mid to late. Succulent, elegant and refined.

Vincent Charlot Clos de Futies

Made from a single vineyard in Epernay. This usually troubling vintage is dealt the perfect hand with Vincent's excellent management, late picking and judicious use of oak. Beautiful front end – elegant, stylish and instantly engaging. The palate is sweet and juicy. The delivery throughout is on point and makes you realise that great winemakers can forge something outstanding from even the most difficult of years.

Guenin Envers Val Desseaux

Based in the village of Essoyes in the Aube, this is a fabulous example of pure Aube Pinot Noir – vinous but rich, refined and precise. The texture is what this is always about – elegant with this amazing pithy, saline element. There is a hint of prune with a nice fleshy Pinot backbone. The palate has an amazing freshness and fleshiness, with loads of juicy depth and this bite of salty fruit and just a hint of orange peel.

William Saintot Tortelue

Another pure Pinot but this time from Avenay Val d'Or at the very East of the Marne Valley. The nose is beautifully sweet nose, perfumed and oaky. The palate shows really good length with just the right level of toffee'd sweetness, grippy tropical fruits and this crisp saline bite. It's beautifully balanced with that perfect delivery of crisp exotic fruit and saltiness on the finish.

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