Our philosophy is all about care for the environment and the product.

It starts with the winemaker

We like to work with famers and growers who focus, not only vinification (the stuff that goes on after the grapes have been harvested), but also the soil and vines they work with. The Champagne region has been at the cutting edge of organic and biodynamic wine production for the past 25 years (well before it was en vogue!) and we look for those individuals who continue to push the boundaries in this area to increase their yield and quality of produce without damaging the environment.

Stored with care

We work directly with one of the oldest bonded warehouses in the world to deliver your precious cargo. LCB have been providing for the British and international wine industry for over 150 years, storing and delivering over 8 million bottles of wine and Champagne at a constant temperature and humidity. They are also insured door-to-door, so you can rest assured that your bottles will always arrive in perfect condition.

Sustainable shipping and packaging

All of our packaging is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. What’s more, we invest in carbon offsetting programs to reduce our impact on the environment and we even plant a tree with every order.