New Producers - March 2021

With Covid continuing to scupper our Champagne sojourns, over the past year we’ve relied heavily on technology to connect with the grower community. Fortunately, though their methods of production are time honoured, the farmers of Champagne are a savvy lot and, via a series of virtual meet ups and cuvées by courier, we are delighted to welcome seven new producers into the Sip collection.

Some of these growers, aren't just new to Sip, but new to the world! They all offer some of the most delicious and exciting Champagnes we have come across to date (which is saying something!) and we’re certain that many of them will become true greats and household names in the coming years.

Here’s a rundown of who they are and what they have to offer…

Jules Brochet

The producer:
You’ll likely be familiar with Gaspard Brochet who has been a huge hit at Sip with his first four releases. Pierric Brochet is his cousin and his particular brand is named after their great grandfather, Jules Brochet. Peirric works with 4.5ha of plots in Taissy, Mailly Champagne, Ay, Rilly la Montagne and Barzy sur Marne.

The Sip selection:
Premise – A blend made from 50% Chardonnay from Taissy, 45% Pinot Noir from Mailly and 5% Meunier from Barzy sur Marne – 20% of which is reserve from his first blend. What a nose! Toasty, cooked pear, lemon curd and nuts. The mousse is divine – so creamy upfront with energy on the mid and a glorious building mid to late with some delicious salinity.  This is a proper bombshell of a wine – crisp, textured, energetic and luscious.

Thierry Fournier

The producer:
This Maison was founded by 4th generation vigneron, Thierry Fournier, in 1983 but it has realised a new form by the introduction of his sons Julien and Maxime. They work with 45 plots across 11 villages giving them a wonderfully diverse palate of grapes to create a fruity, rich and complex series of wines.

The Sip selection:
Chardonnay – Made from a handful of plots from three different villages. Based on the 2012 vintage and with 20% reserve, it is a joy to drink. The mid-palate is complex, with oodles of butter alongside some delicious bitter elements. There is loads of biscuit, toffee, nuts and a brilliantly married mid to late. Sweet lemon peel and a touch of salt, caramel and liquorice finish things off.

Hughes Godme

The producer:
We have known this fantastic biodynamic producer for some time. Based in Verzenay they work with vineyards in Verzy, Viller Marmery, Ville-Dommange and Verzenay itself. They became organic in 2013 and biodynamic in 2014. Their style is surprisingly rich, subtle and complex.

The Sip selection:
Millesime 2009 – A blend of 60/40 Pinot Noir/Chardonnay from Verzy and Verzenay. 40% oak vinified. Made from a hot and big vintage, there is a lot to love about this wine; charming, creamy, with loads of brioche, the palate has a lovely verticality to it. Bright and fresh with toffeed apples and touch of nuts.

Vintage 2004 en magnum ­(COMING SOON) – Using a similar blend to the 2009, the 2004 was a brilliant vintage and shows spectacularly in this delightful magnum. Beautifully fresh with lots of ripe fruit alongside patisserie notes and a fantastic freshness on the finish.

Blanc de Blancs (COMING SOON) – Made from a blend of mostly 2016 with a healthy portion of 15 and 14 added, this wine is 50% oak vinified with partial malolactic from vineyards in Villers-Marmery and Ville-Dommange. This Champagne represents a perfect example of the more generous fruit that can be produced from the Montagne de Reims with fine, floral notes and a wonderfully clean and pure finish.

Pierre Deville

The producer:
Alban Corbeaux, is a fourth generation winemaker of Domaine Pierre Deville, located in Verzy. He works with just 4ha in Verzy and 1ha in Essoyes. He started working organically in 2016 and vinifies in steel and oak.

The Sip selection:
Chardonnay – Made from two vineyards: Les Epinettes and Les Alouettes, 50% oak vinified with 2g/ltr dosage. There is a wonderfully perfumed nose with a striking, straight and pure front end. The palate leads perfectly and remains strict but with ample black fruits on the mid to late. It’s dry, but there is a nice layer of sugary fruit on the finish.

Rousseaux Batteux

The producer:
Adrien Rousseaux is a 4th generation winemaker based in Verzenay and has been managing the estate since 2012. He works with 2.6ha and does not use herbicides or insecticides. He vinifies each parcel separately to create powerful, expressive and age-worthy wines.

The Sip selection:
2014 – A blend of 60/40 Pinot Noir from Grande Voyettes and Chardonnay from Le Moulin (both in Verzenay). This wine shows such a glorious sweet exotic front end full of toast, vanilla, toffee and salt. The concentration, like their other wines, is superb – really lifting up the mid palate and bringing so much length to the finish.

Louvois – Made from a single vineyard ‘Le Mont’ in Louvois and with a minimal dosage of 2.5g/ltr. This wine is gushingly generous up front with loads of strawberry and other sweet forest fruits. The palate shows a wonderful creaminess with a complex layer of salinity. The concentration of the saltiness on the mid palate is divine!

Pernet et Pernet

The producer:
Kurt Pernet works with 9ha in Vertus, Ambonnay and Bouzy, creating a very clean, crisp style. He started with a few organic parcels in 2014, of which we had the fortune of trying just this year. On opening they are strict, but with air they become joyful, generous and complex. We are super excited to see the development of this new Maison in the coming years.

The Sip selection:
L'Ambonnay Chardonnay – Made from two parcels: St Remy and Les Beurys this is a 2014 vintage. Given the location of this Maison it may seem odd to go with a Chardonnay from Ambonnay but that is what makes this cuvée so special! 50% barrel fermented and with only 3g/ltr it has a strict front end with a lovely perfume to it. The palate is sensual, delicate and shows a real power as it opens up – saline, piercing with a lovely bitter play.

Julien Prelat

The producer:
Julien is a third generation winemaker and has been working 2.5ha in the village of Celles sur Ource since 2000. He makes single vintage, single varietal cuvées from individual and expressive plots with no herbicides or pesticides. His style is clean, pure and precise.

The Sip selection:
Presle – This exciting new wine comes from the much-lauded vineyard of Presle in the village of Celles sur Ource (made famous by Cedric Bouchard). The nose is precise, vinous and serious. Notes of orange peel and delicious creamy texture, with a nice delicate layer of salinity which captures you on the mid to late. Succulent, elegant and refined.

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