New warehouse, new packaging & new opportunities

On the face of it, a warehouse move might not seem that thrilling (being that warehouses are essentially large empty spaces for storage), but it’s the other opportunities it affords us that we’re excited about.

First off, in line with the move, we’ve developed some new branded and super sustainable packaging. Whilst our old packaging was recycled and recyclable, it still utilised plastic bubble wrap, which has been nagging at our conscience. It was also pretty drab.

Our new line, while not quite finalised, looks awesome, with some great custom graphics. It’s also entirely plastic free, with a unique 100% recyclable and biodegradable honeycomb sleeving to protect the precious cargo.

Alongside this new packaging we’re having some custom tasting cards knocked up, so subscribers will be pleased to hear that very soon there will be actual tangible printed notes to refer to when enjoying a bottle.


In addition, our new warehouse solution opens up the opportunity to create more tailor-made packages. So, be it a couple of branded glasses and a bottle stopper thrown in with a case, or a personalised note for a bottle sent as a gift, we have plenty of plans in the pipeline to improve the customisation of your orders.

We’ll keep you posted as we progress. 

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