The ones that (nearly) got away...

With more than 50 producers and over 100 Grower Champagnes, our range is unequalled in the UK market and, as such, it's to be expected that the odd bottle might pass you by. 

Now's the time to catch up on any of those truly special cuvées you may have missed throughout 2021 and, if you order soon, you'll also be able to pick them up at 2021 prices too!

Demière Oenoteck No.1 – £110

At Sip we are privileged with first access to some really exciting Champagnes, and this is right up there. A non-vintage pure Meunier aged on the lees for a whopping 162 months (that's 13.5 years!)

We sold out of almost all our allocation within days, but somehow a few bottles were left behind. Rare, even in a collection of limited bottles, it's definitely one to add to your cellar.

Georges Remy Le Mont de Tauxières 2016 – £105

A bottle that wows absolutely everyone who tastes it and, fittingly, it's now stocked in the likes of Medlar Restaurant, Chelsea and Hedonism Wines, Mayfair.

Peter's description really sums up the sheer depth and power of this wine... 'So intense, so incredible. So monstrous. And this is just beginning.'

One of just 1549 produced in 2016, it's as rare as it is delicious. If you've never sampled Champagne from Georges Remy, this is the bottle that will turn you into a fan. 

Famille Delouvin Fauve – £55

Geoffrey Delouvin is a 10th generation vigneron so his family know their way around a vineyard. He wowed us from the word go with each and every one of his wines, but this is the bottle we return to time and time again.

A blend of 75% Chardonnay, 25% Meunier, with zero dosage, it's so rich and engaging. Delicious as an aperitif, great with food, it's a wonderful all-rounder and, perhaps best of all... it's an absolute bargain too!

Caze Thibaut Jossias Rosé – £60

Another producer with too few bottles to satisfy demand. Whilst two of his cuvées sold out quickly this sumptuous rosé has just one bottle lingering. It's also likely one of the last anywhere in the world as there were just 1794 bottles produced last year.  

It's a lovely oak vinified pure Pinot Noir and offers a great introduction to an exciting young producer in his early years of production.

André Heucq Histoires HI. VII – £85

Peter was so effusive in his praise for this wine it's hard to comprehend why we still have stock. 

A 70/30 Pinot Noir/Meunier blend from the northern slopes of the Marne, the wine comes from the superb 2008 vintage having spend 10 years on lees. Vinous and rich it's certainly our favourite wine from this brilliant biodynamic producer and, whilst a step up in price from his standard range, it's well worth the extra.

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