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Subscribe to one of our Champagne plans and, not only will you save approximately 25% on the Champagne you receive*, you’ll also benefit from the brain of Champagne expert and Sip co-founder, Peter Crawford.

In the past few months, alongside a curated case of bottles, our subscribers have learnt about Chardonnay’s ascension in Champagne, the importance of reserve wines, the secrets of micro-oxygenation in oak ageing, and blending, maceration, saignee – what are they and how do they influence the flavour of Rosé.

Interested? Here’s a snippet from ‘Salon, Krug & the rise of the single parcel’

…from the 17th Century onwards Champagne defined itself by the blend, with winemakers working with a number of different grape varieties from across the region (many of which are almost extinct now) to create the best blend that exemplified their style. It wasn’t until the 20th Century, however, that improved horticultural and viticulture techniques allowed winemakers to focus their attention on a specific village that a wine or Maison was from; notably when ‘Salon’ was launched in 1911 and production was focussed on a single vineyard owned by the founder, along with 19 parcels from the same village, Mesnil sur Oger. This laid the foundations for the trend of small parcel selection and the associated benefits of vintage and terroir. It wasn’t until the 1970s, though, that the single parcel concept really took off, when the owner of one of those parcels sold off the land to another maison, which came to prominence under the name Krug Clos du Mesnil. In the decades that followed, the expression of the single vineyard grew in popularity and in just the last ten years the trend has exploded, with ever more styles and varieties of Champagne available.

If you too want to expand your Champagne knowledge and learn to truly appreciate and understand the wines you drink, there is no better way. 

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*Champagne subscription box savings based on buying each bottle individually

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